Thank you for looking at my website. I’ve never done any blogging before (shame, really), so watch me find my feet.

I usually operate in the realm of images rather than words, but let’s see how the combination of both works.

My name is Arthur and I have only recently moved to South London, straight from the Caribbean islands.

Why? – I hear you cry.

Well, that’s a part of my story. The capital “S” Story. One of my favourite stories. I might tell you later.

I am now happily settled (for now) in London, and ready to take on new projects.

The sun isn’t as bright in London (noticed), but that is why I invested in all the lighting equipment – www.profoto.com (WOOOOW). Problem solved!

I am not going to pretend all this isn’t exciting. I like new challenges, and the urban jungle is significantly different to e.g. Amazonian jungle (another Story – still capital “S”; ask me when we meet).

I am going to put some of my stories here in the future, so please stay with me and follow.

I’ll get a better hang of it.

There will be stories, and photos, and my thoughts, and ramblings – hold your excitement!

Till the next time!


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